Hearing glasses explained

4 microphones on each side distinguish speech from noise.
The incoming sound is processed by 2 digital amplifiers.
Result: optimised hearing in any environment.


Hearing Through glasses

The integration of spectacles and hearing aids in one device bring a lot of other benefits to the table. Of course the frame has to suit your features and personality. Not just color, but design is also an important factor.

Varibel has a range of 9 frames in its collection to match your personal preference. Each frame is available in 3 colors which gives you a total choice of 27 different styles. The color of the arms will be matched with the color of the frame.

You also have a range of choices on the audiology front. Your audiologist or optician can advise you to choose either an “Ear Connector” with a tube or a “Receiver-in-Canal” (RIC) to bring the sound into your outer ear canal. Both options use the patented magnetic connection to the arms of the glasses and will also match the chosen color of the frame and arms.

Last but not least your hearing consultant can choose between 2 different RIC’s depending on your hearing loss: a smaller version for normal fittings and a more powerful version for those suffering from more severe hearing loss.


Varibel hearing glasses features:

  • Digital multi channel technology
  • 4 microphones in both the left and right arm
  • 3 different listening programs
  • A telecoil to connect to (Bluetooth) loop systems
  • Rechargeable capability through a patented charger
  • Choice of frames in multiple colors
  • Invisible “Receiver-in-Canal” option
  • Proven and reliable arm design

Hearing glasses trial

Varibel hearing glasses are available in more and more selected countries around the world.
Below is a list of countries with local resellers. If your country is not in the list
please contact Varibel.

  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Oman
  • India

Varibel Innovations

It is Varibel’s philosophy to amplify sound as naturally as possible while at the same time maximising your ability to understand speech in all situations, even the most noisy and difficult ones.

Established in 2003, Varibel has built a strong reputation in the Netherlands with the development of superior hearing glasses based on digital technology.

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